Is my InStyler a fake?

Due to the success of InStyler, many counterfeits are now on the Internet pretending to be the real thing. We don’t want you to have to ask – “Is my InStyler a fake?”.

The people that get hit the most by this are you, the customer. But at best all you will receive is a plastic unit that doesn’t work very well, at worst you can get a very dangerous product that can electrocute you or your family. Please, please think twice before buying a possibly fake InStyler. It’s quite literally not worth it. The best place to Buy InStyler is with us. 

Why you shouldn’t buy a fake InStyler

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t buy a fake InStyler. It may seem more attractive to save a few pounds, but those few pounds are really not worth it.

  • Not safety tested, could be very dangerous
  • Not quality tested, it could fall apart, the bristles could drop off
  • Not under warranty, InStyler will not honour this
  • You therefore have no rights as a consumer
  • Buying a fake profits the counterfeiters

What to look for in a fake Instyler

  • Single product sales, with comments like “Only a few left”
  • Shipped from outside Europe or the US
  • The price is too good to be true
  • Spelling mistakes on the packaging and the product
  • A plug adaptor to fit in with your local mains. This is dangerous.

InStyler Fakes

We got sent these photos from a worried customer. She was right to be worried, check out the typos on the box. Plus our boxes are black. Also the product just looks tacky and cheap. The finish is poor and general production is well below standard.

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One Response to Is my InStyler a fake?

  1. Hello,
    I’m from Israel, and I bought the INSTYLER from store in our country I was told that the product is from RITTER but is the seme thing like the INSTYLER.
    They told me that there are several companies that sell this product under their names. I mean, I bought INSTYLER only manufactured by RITTER.
    My product is not smooth my hair and does not curl and also has a bad smell when it heats up, I read on you’r site that people who sell fake products will sell the product under the name of another company, or the produce from China.
    my product is made in china.

    My question is I have reason to claim the store?
    They sold me the fake product and lied to me about the nature of the product.

    Thank you.

    Posted by ksenia |

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